Highly Advanced Materials for a Circular and Digital World

Europe is in a profound transformation process. Within the next decade, the foundations for the change from a linear economic structure towards a circular economy based on renewable energies will be created.

Material innovations play an important role in the transformation of the technical supply industry. On the one hand, they form the basis for the decarbonization of production and transport, and on the other hand, their use is crucial for the development of circular business models.

On behalf of the Swedish trade fair company ELMIA, Haute Innovation is on the occasion of the Subcontractor from 15.-17. November 2022 in Jönköping commissioned to implement a special area on the latest material innovations. The highlights include a 3D printed sports boat made from recycled plastics, a bellows rail brake being developed at ETH Zurich for the Hyperloop, a paper battery as a biodegradable energy store, and a saw blade made from a vibroacoustic metamaterial to reduce noise and vibration.

2022 – New Year, New Chances, New Support

We are happy to announce that the Merck Group Surface Solution has decided to support Donna e Mobile in its activities. We asked Dominik Eisend – Sr.Design Manager Surface Solutions | Automotive Coatings – a few questions to learn more.

Who is Dominik Eisend ?

I have a background in transportation interior design focusing on materials and CMF. Prior to my role at Merck, I have been able to work for several OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, AMG and FORD as well as for a German-Chinese automotive start up called BORGWARD where I was leading the Color&Trim design team.

What brought you to Merck?

At the beginning of my automotive career I was invited by Merck to join a presentation about pigments in Darmstadt. I didn’t know a lot about Merck back then but I was super surprised that they handed out ice cream with an eatable effect pigment. I think I am a very curious mind and this experience with Merck definitely caught my attention. Over the years working for different design studios Merck came across my path several times and I have always loved their approach of curiosity and incredible source of expertise in all fields and materials. I love to work with all kind of materials and media and think that design has so many facets to experience – Merck is a perfect place to do so.

What is your role at Merck ?

I am the design manager at Merck Group Surface Solutions. In my role at Merck I am the
creative source for design and trends at our automotive pigments division.
I scout out for new trends and design ideas and try to implement them into our landscape of design and marketing tools. I also steer & drive Merck`s global Pull Marketing activities within surface solutions, always focusing on design & technology at automotive OEMs.

What is your | Merck’s future vision?

That’s a big question for a quick interview. I think the automotive industry is changing so much right now and CMF will be most important player and partner to tell stories, create experiences and design better products. Since I have worked in different automotive design environments I do understand what is needed by the automotive designers and I try to integrate that knowledge into my daily work to create a new level of level Merck design experience for our customers. One of the challenges is definitely to find better design solutions to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world and certainly integrate the factor of sustainability.

Why do you | Merck support the Donna-e-Mobile foundation?

I have known the Donna-e-Mobile foundation since quite some time and I love your events. You create fantastic environments for gatherings. Design professionals can get together in a very relaxed and loose atmosphere and exchange/chat about their passion. These events are also a great way to meet young talents who are driven by curiosity. All that in combination with world famous design events like the “Dutch design week” or the “Milan design week”. We at Merck are the company behind the companies and love to exchange with creatives and support curious minds who are dedicated to progress. Donna-e-Mobile is the perfect place for that!

2021 IAA highlights

Held in Munich for the first time, the IAA Mobility show replaces the Frankfurt Motor Show as Germany’s premier motoring event. And after using various digital platforms to showcase their vehicles for the past two years, European carmakers are at the show in force showcasing production and concept cars.


Design Academy Eindhoven presents Moving in Stasis. This unfolding exhibition and public programme revisits and recasts the academy’s master’s graduation projects from 2020. These projects have been in storage for six months, awaiting their moment of display. In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, 60 works have now been transplanted to Gallery 3 By You.

Launching on 8 March 2021, this hybrid exhibition is accessible online at https://www.movinginstasis.com/about/ culminating in a digital public programme from 8-11 April.