New Initiative during Milan Design Week

Dutch founders show 10000M2 of design to the world

Beyond Space and Organisation in Design are excited to announce the launch of a new exhibition showcasing the forefront of design during Milan Design Week June 7-12: the Certosa Initiative. The Certosa Initiative will bring together the freshest emerging talents and the most respected global brands in a 10.000m2 post-industrial playground in the up-and-coming Certosa District with a simple brief: claim your stake and make!

The Certosa District will play host to the newcomer event. In the northwest corner of the city of Milan, this neighbourhood is currently in the midst of a vibrant revival and a multi-dimensional regeneration project led by Italian real estate development company RealStep and global real estate firm Jamestown. After years of disuse, the once thriving industrial hub is now re-emerging as a centre of culture and innovation thanks to neighborhood-wide event programming that has recently seen the success of Milano Graphic Festival and will include further important events such as the Certosa Initiative. Fast-growing creative industries and innovation economy are contributing to the district’s revitalization and rise.

Are you interested in joining the Certosa Initiative as an exhibitor or do you want to become a sponsor? Apply now

If you want to become a media partner or want more information please contact Anoek Hagenaars:
+31 (0) 6 16 60 45 77. Download Press Kit.

Download the Certosa Initiative presentation HERE to get more information.

Beyond Space, architects with a distinct focus on delicate interiors and grand-scale transformations, bundle forces with Organisation in Design, makers of Ventura Projects and instrumental in breathing new life into rediscovered districts of Milan. Brought together by a deeply shared passion for design, their complementary track records make them a natural match to move the crowds into the up-and-coming Certosa District. In the face of turbulent times and on such short notice, the team sees itself floated by the sheer energy of the historical moment of resuscitation and is poised to make the Certosa Initiative the Talk of the town during the 2022 Milan Design Week.


Remi Versteeg

Stijn de Weerd

Firm believers that architectural thinking applies well beyond matters of space, they combine creative entrepreneurship with unconventional ideas and intuitive design. With a penchant for large-scale transformations, Beyond Space mix buildings, spaces and objects And in this case: people. To forge connections where there were none before.


Margriet Vollenberg

A twenty-year track record in staging curated exhibitions that forefront the latest in contemporary design, Ventura Projects has proved instrumental in breathing new life into rediscovered districts of Milan. Single-handedly responsible for putting Centrale & Lambrate back on the map. Committed to advancing, helping and promoting design in every way possible, all over the world.